NASCAR SimRacing

NASCAR SimRacing Demo

A racing sims for fans of NASCAR, that has aged badly!


  • Two free races
  • As easy or challenging as you want


  • Poor graphics by today's standards
  • Dull presentation

Not bad

NASCAR racing is all about driving fast and turning left. It shouldn't be interesting because of that, but despite its simplicity it offers close races and spectacular accidents.

NASCAR SimRacing brings that action to the PC, and this demo allows you the freedom to try two races and tracks. Released in 2005, this game certainly looks its age, with flat looking polygons, no real shading and poor damage modeling. The driving itself is OK, but its wrapped in such an ugly package that it's hard to enjoy.

In the NASCAR SimRacing demo what could be exciting racing is spoiled by a lack of opposition - there are other cars, but they seem sparse, so the close racing of the real sport isn't replicated. That leaves the tracks - in some games courses themselves are reasons enough to play. The wide ovals of NASCAR SimRacing are hardly full of character though. Fans of NASCAR will still find enough to enjoy here, but for most people it will be dull.

The driving physics are solid, you can configure the control to make it easier or more realistic, and yet NASCAR SimRacing is still a dull game, and too old looking to get excited about today.

NASCAR SimRacing


NASCAR SimRacing Demo

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